Helen Clark: Forgiveness & compassion in wake of the Christchurch massacre

News 21/03/2019

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark joined Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive to reflect on the recent terror attack in Christchurch, where a gunman shot 100 people at two mosques in the city last Friday, killing half of them. 

Appearing earlier on Magic Talk's The AM Show, Clark accused Facebook of playing host to terrorism, with its failure to stop the live broadcast of the Christchurch attack.

Around 1.5 million copies and attempts to upload it were blocked by Facebook in the following 24 hours, but Clark says that's not good enough.

"How can a mass murderer be broadcasting his crime live for 17 minutes and nothing is done? Unbelievable," she told The AM Show on Thursday.

"They have been hosting terror. If you broadcast a set of killings live for 17 minutes, you are hosting terror. You've done nothing to stop it, have you?"

Magic Talk.