Kiwi private investigator launches background check service for dating

News 05/03/2019

A Kiwi private investigator and former police officer has created a service allowing people to get background checks on their potential dates.

Cheney McGlynn told The AM Show on Tuesday morning that she created Date Check when some of her friends came to her with concerns about their dates.

She said one of her girlfriends started feeling uneasy about some things a man she dated was telling her.

"She asked me to do a little bit of digging and I found out that he was married, had a home with his wife and had two little children."

She says Date Check is a discreet and comprehensive service conducted by licensed private investigators.

Ms McGlynn said online dating is not a bad thing, and a lot of people are online for the right reasons.

"I online dated for years back when it was okay to do it and I met some lovely people. They were there for the right reasons, we're just making sure they're still there for the right reasons."

She said there were some clear warning signs to look out for if you're unsure about a date.

"If they have two mobile phones that they don't answer when you're around, if you haven't met their friends, if they're cagey about where they live, if they say they're successful but they're always low on money."

Ms McGlynn said Date Check was more for peace of mind, but she also recommends people trust their instincts when making decisions about dating.

"I would just be going with your gut, if something doesn't feel right then something isn't right."

British tourist Grace Millane was killed in Auckland in 2018 after reportedly meeting a man on dating app Tinder, and Ms McGlynn says her service may not have been able to prevent Ms Millane's death, but it could help other women.

"If I can help to avoid one person being heartbroken, being scammed or being hurt, then that's a good thing."