Peter Williams: James Shaw - 'The current hypocrite-in-chief in the government'

Opinion 05/03/2019

The leader of a governing political party is encouraging school kids to bunk a day on Friday week - the 15th of March - to protest, what they say, is the lack of action on climate change.

He said it last week with Sean and then he was on TV again last night. When asked directly if he supported kids missing classes for a day so that they could protest this issue, he said simply: Yes. Then he tried to make some sort of analogy that it was okay for kids to take a day off of school if they were sick. So it was okay to take a day off to protest.

Well sorry James, students are required by law to go to school if they are healthy or unless they have a really good reason not to - like a school sanctioned activity. This is not. 

This is a protest against something that is idealogical and it is political.

James Shaw of course is the current 'hypocrite-in-chief' in the government he is the man who has won the most recent prize for the MP spending the most on travel.

Between October and December last year he spent a whopping $73,771 on travel mostly in the air. More than both the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister.

His flights were likely to have emitted over 37 tonnes of carbon in just three months. That is about 6 times what the average person emits in an entire year. But he thinks it is okay to do that because he's offered to big international conferences where they make decisions about emitting less carbon. 

And anyway, there will be plenty of trees planted to offset all of his traveling. 

Well, the big problem with that concept is that the trees will take the best part of 30 years to absorb all the carbon he emitted in the last 3 months of last year. And of course, unless we do something right now, we are according to the international panel on climate change all doomed.

Sometime in the next 12 years.

This of course is all just doomsday stuff we know that it is designed to extract more taxes from us the reality is no IPCC model have yet been validated, while temperatures have actually dropped by 0.3 degrees on average since 2016 and are now the same temperatures that they were in 2002.

Couple that with the fact that New Zealand produces 0.1% of global emissions and the reality is that whatever New Zealand does will not make a jot of difference to the world's climate.

But, New Zealand has committed to being carbon zero by 2050 just 31 short years away.

Peter Williams is the host of Magic Mornings on Magic Talk.