Ryan Bridge: Govt 'just as guilty' as cigarette manufacturers

News 07/03/2019
Photo: File.

Magic Talk Drive host Ryan Bridge has slammed the Government, accusing them as being "just as guilty" as cigarette manufacturers when it comes to selling tobacco.

"They are raking in $1.9b every year in excise duties," he told listeners on Thursday.

"That is more than what the Government would receive from a Capital Gains Tax."

Mr Bridge said the "poorest of the poor" were being targetted by the Government as prices in cigarettes continue to grow.

"[People] who are addicted to smoking are not going to give up - you are bashing them with a $2b tax bill every year. I think that is shameful."

Meanwhile, cigarette make Philip Morris has promised to stop selling traditional cigarettes in New Zealand by the end of the year - but has promised to do it sooner if it can get a tax break.

New Zealand general manager James Williams says the company has no motivation to keep selling cigarettes in New Zealand.

The plan is currently to pull popular brands like Marlboro and Parliament from Kiwi shelves by the end of the year. The company last year announced its intention to "give up cigarettes" last year in a series of full-page adverts in UK newspapers.

It now appears New Zealand will be the trial run.

Philip Morris has invested billions into vaping, which studies suggest has far less impact on users' health than cigarettes.

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