Brian Tamaki doesn't need the Government

News 01/05/2019

Brian Tamaki has lashed out at the Government, evoking violent sexual language to describe how he has been treated with regard to funding his Man Up prison rehabilitation programme.

The self proclaimed Bishop is upset that his Man Up programme is not being funded in prisons. He has suggested that this would result in inmate revolts in every prison if he doesn't get the funding approved.

Tamaki speaks with Ryan Bridge who wants to know why he chose to use the language he did, and to prove the efficacy of his programme which he claims leads to a 72% drop in re-offending.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said he needs to go through the same process as everyone else and that he should be engaging with Government.

Ryan comments on the fact that in interviews Winston Peters and Andrew Little both sounded open to the programme but it appears as though Tamaki has not even applied for the funding.

Ryan also asks if Tamaki would be open to the idea of an independent audit to determine the efficacy of the programme.

You can watch the full interview above.