Christchurch one month on with Mayor Lianne Dalziel

News 15/04/2019

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel joins the conversation on Magic Mornings with Peter Williams to talk about the Christchurch shootings this day one month ago.

To begin Peter Williams wanted to know if after one month on if daily life had noticeably changed? Lianne told Peter that yes it had.

There are the physical signs with the police still bearing arms, being a far more visible presence.

She continued to tell Peter "that does provide some comfort to those that felt targeted in these attacks but also an unease that things have changed and losing a sense of normality."

Given the changes to daily life Peter wanted to know how long will it continue?

Lianne said that they were "not sure, as the police presence is linked to the national security level, this is not a local level decision but rather nationally coordinated and in consideration of best practices recognised internationally."

This is related to the national security threat level which is of course at the highgest it has ever been in our history.

Peter learned from Lianne "one consequence has been that the university students graduating tomorrow will not be able to conduct a marching parade to the town hall as usual to receive their degrees."

Mayor Lianne Dalziel. Source: Getty

With disruptions to Anzac day services as well as the breaking from traditions Peter asked if that was an over exagerration and should the town of Christchurch work to get back to some normality?

It is a precautionary appraoch

Lianne explained "the police don't have the capacity to provide the support they usually would for these occasions. The thing to remember is that this is not normal, this is a security process that is set nationally, after events like this there is a high risk of retaliation, a high risk of copycats and a high risk that others might try show themselves in a spotlight."

She continued to assure Peter that this is temporary "we will reclaim our right to do these things and in the way we usually do them but for now we just need some time for the police to feel like they are comfortable to manage."

Peter wanted to know if it would be correct to say that in the month since the attack that the community in Christchurch has grown closer in support of the Muslim community within it.

Lianne agreed and told Peter how "every member of the muslim community that I have spoken to has told me about the outpouring of love, respect and care that they have received personally from Christchurch residents, and it has been uplifting."

they have really felt that and it has uplifted them, truly uplifted

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