Council of licensed firearm owners on gun reform

News 05/04/2019

Nicole McKee from the council of licensed firearm owners spoke to Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive Thursday afternoon following the select committee for Finance and Expenditure hearing public submissions from interest groups on gun reform.

Ryan asked Nicole to explain what they said to the select committee.

We gave to them our points on the bill tself, our concerns regarding the timeframe. We also touched on the aspoects we do agree with.

One of the major concerns that Nicole raised was that the timeframe for reform was happening at too fast a pace. She believed that there were some issues with the reform that impinged on the bill of rights.

We think that these issues can be sorted if the proper time is given to consider the bill.

Ryan pressed Nicole to clarify her stance on bannig military style weapons asking 'do you have a concerns about banning military weapons?' Nicole responded that the major concern for the council of licensed firearm owners was with the potential unintended reach of the reform to impact upon more conventional firearms.

Many of these issues, she said, could be resolved if more time was given to consideration for the reform.

There is a moratorium on sales of these assault weapons so there is no need to rush this bill if the moratorium is in place. 

The council believes that the cost of the Government buyback program could reach up to a billion dollars.

When asked why was there a stark difference in the suggested costs between the Government projections and gun owners suggestions Nicole told Ryan that they are looking at all the costs they associate with the weapons in question, not just the weapons themselves.

On reports of some gun owners intending to hide weapons if a ban comes into effect, Nicole said that some people have indicated that the Government is moving too fast and if they were to pass the reforms too soon there may be some owners who do hide their firearms, but she was clear to say that the council of licensed firearm owners do not support this.

We would encourage everybody to obey the law but the law needs to be fair and just.

Watch the full interview above.