Does the bible contain hate speech?

News 16/04/2019

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has made an open threat to anyone who claims any part of the Bible is hate speech.

Posting on his Twitter account, Tamaki appears to have made the remark in response to critics of Wallaby rugby player Israel Folau, who last week claimed "hell awaits" gay people.

Professor Peter Lineham has for many years written and lectured extensively on the religious history of New Zealand, and he joins the conversation with Peter Williams on Magic Mornings.

Asking the question does the bible contain hate speech? Some of the misunderstandings people have with regard to the bible's teaching on gay Christians. He tells Peter how others have misunderstood how the bible condems selfish, repugnant and abusive sexual acts that we too condem.

But the bible says nothing about two consenting adults entering in to a healthy sexual relationship, be it male and male or female and female.

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