Duncan Garner: Israel Folau will be shown the door

Opinion 12/04/2019

I think we've missed the point when it comes to Israel Folau.

All these lazy labels and breathless outrage, oh he's homophobic - shock horror - he hates gays, adulterers, fornicators, apparently. But I don't actually think he said he hates anyone. Either way it's not really about what he said, or even free speech. It's about his job as Australia's best player and the guy who can break open any defence.

It's clear he doesn't want the gig anymore.

I expect Israel Folau to be a former Wallaby by the end of this weekend because he clearly doesn't want his job as the Wallabies' star or marquee player.

I now see no other option but a parting of ways. Why? It's so obvious - he has defied the Aussie Rugby Union. He has brought shame on their house and I can't see how he stays especially given he was on notice because he's got previous form with this kind of thing.

By posting his "all sinners must repent or rot in hell" tweet Folau was not only trifling with the Australian Rugby Union, he was saying to his employers 'catch me if you can'. 

And two days into this row, they haven't talked.

He has defied his employers, flipped them the bird.

What a loyal teammate, World Cup Year and the player most likely to cause damage on the pitch is effectively telling his teammates, world rugby and his bosses to stick it.

Now THAT doesn't seem very Christian either. He will be shown the door.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.