Duncan Garner: Police should seize illegal guns from gang pads

Opinion 02/04/2019

OPINION: This is a message to the Mongrel Mob and, for that matter, all the gangs in New Zealand - so much for your goodwill after the Christchurch attacks.

You have now openly challenged the Government's new gun laws and amnesty with your arrogant, "we know best", thuggish response to the call for everyone to hand in their semi-automatic weapons.

No, you say, we need them to protect ourselves.

In other words, we need our guns to commit violence, for threatening, for stand over tactics.

Well, guess what - the new laws don't allow for that.

There's no special place for gangs to have guns and the police should treat this open breach as serious, because these weapons are now banned from New Zealand.

The Government always talks up a big game on these law and order type issues, so this should be seen as a test for Police Minister Stuart Nash.

Minister, you can order the police to dismantle the fences outside every gang pad right now, forcing open the heavily locked doors so they can seize control of the illegal cache of guns these gangs are holding, and refusing to give back.

The gangs say stuff the amnesty.

Well, that's a clear challenge, a dare to "catch me if you can".

Come on Stu. Get your boys out to the gang pads and show them who is boss.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.