Eric Young: Are the next presidential hopefuls too old?

Opinion 26/04/2019

For those of us who can't get enough of the occasional dumpster fire that is US presidential politics, there's a sense today that a fireman may have finally entered the race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has become the 20th Democrat - yes, 20th - to officially enter the race for the keys to the Oval Office.

One of the jobs the US Vice President used to have was to be the unofficial White House attack dog.

He'd be able say the things the President couldn't and attack the opponents the President wouldn't.

Of course even that job has been taken over by the current President, for whom no blow is too low, no insult will go unthrown.

So Joe Biden's long-predicted entry into the 2020 race is a sign that things may be about to get interesting. 

Biden is a brawler.

But he also has a problem he can do absolutely nothing about.

It's nearly 32 years since he first ran for President, which brings us to what will almost certainly become one of the biggest issues when the campaign really gets going next year - age. None of the front-runners - the president included - will ever see 70 again.

You see, if Biden wins he'll be 78 on inauguration day - by far the oldest elected President. Bernie Sanders will be 79. Elizabeth Warren, another Democrat, 71.

And these people are considered the great hopes of the Democratic Party.

The one thing we can now guarantee is that the President's insults will go next-level. He's under pressure on several fronts - the Mueller report, impeachment, tax returns - and when he's under pressure, the one thing he never does is go quiet.

Many Democrats firmly believe Biden would have had a much better shot at beating Trump in 2016 than Hillary Clinton. Next year, he may very well get his chance.




Eric Young presents Prime News and occasionally guest hosts The AM Show.