Eric Young: Sir Peter Leitch, look after yourself

Opinion 23/04/2019

This morning I want to send a shout out to someone who has spent a lot of his life looking out for others and, in the best possible way, quietly doing it undercover.

He does this behind the persona of someone you might know as the "Mad Butcher," but who the Queen recognises as Sir Peter Charles Leitch.

Now, Peter is, and if you don't know him, you're just going to have to take my word for it, a good bugger.

He looks out for people.

Sure, he has that one obvious, incurable affliction called love for the Warriors, but no one said he was perfect.

He has, and I know this, a good heart. A big heart. And unfortunately, that heart is giving him some trouble at the moment.

Pete's in hospital after having heart surgery complications, apparently leading to more surgeries.

Now over the years, Pete has helped a lot of people. Some of them might not even know it.

Some might call him a philanthropist. He'd probably just call it being a bloke who likes to help out, and in areas far more varied, and far beyond his obvious passion for rugby league.

You might think he's a little rough around the edges, and that's good. Because Pete's never apologised for that. It is a part of who he is and besides, it makes him human doesn't it?

But he also has the uncanny ability to know when a phone call or a text or a quiet word might make a difference to someone.

So Peter, if you're watching this morning, and who knows, you might be. Look after yourself, will you? As you know I know, heart surgery's no picnic, though I suspect the word you might use is slightly different to that.

But in the Facebook post in which you publicly announced your latest battle, another word stood out to me - grateful.

You said you were grateful to simply wake up.

Well mate, so are we. And we need you back on your feet soon. I mean, the way they're going, who else is going to be the Warriors' champion?

Eric Young is co-hosting The AM Show.