Katie Hopkins on Magic Talk Drive

News 26/04/2019

Katie Hopkins speaks with Ryan Bridge following her criticism of Jacinda Ardern in the wake of terror attacks in Sri Lanka.

Among the topics discussed Hopkins says she believes that "the frustration of your country's culture in the wake of a terrible attack was unnecessary and overdone."

Katie also talks of how the term 'Easter worshippers' is unfair to Christians especially considering "this hypocrisy, the duality of response and reaction which is particularly upsetting for people like myself who are trying to defend our Christian culture."

On the matter that Katie sent politically charged tweets within 24 hours of the Sri Lankan terror attacks, Ryan wanted to know has she no tact? "Can you not stop and express your sympathies and condolences without bringing politics into it?" he asked.

Her response was to attack Ryans approach.

I think that's quite an ignorant way to look at it.

Listen to part one of the interview above.

Part two of the interview above begins with Ryan following up on a statement that Katie said her daughters are being targeted by Islam he followed up asking what she meant by that?

Listen to part two of the interview above.