Kiwi Journalists jailed in Fiji

News 05/04/2019

Three New Zealand journalists investigating a Chinese company in Fiji have been released from custody. Newsroom co-editor Mark Jennings, investigations editor Melanie Reid and cameraman Hayden Aull were held for 13 hours.

The trio were seeking an interview from the company for a story concerning unpermitted enviromental damage. Melanie Reid spoke with Ryan Bridge to describe what happended.

We went to their office to ask a few questions and they asked us to leave. 

Melanie told Ryan how the company had tracked their car, likely through the registration number and after finding the car at the office of the lawyer representing the village affected by the damage, they were told we would be charged with trespassing.

Melanie told Ryan that throughout the experience it was unclear what would happen next with there being a possibility of being held in a cell for one or more nights.

The police commissioner came and spoke with us and it didn't look very hopeful, but then something happened and he decided to let us go.

Watch the full interview with Magic Talk Drive's Ryan Bridge above.