National Party Transport Spokesperson calls Magic Mornings

News 01/05/2019

National Party Spokesperson for Transport Paul Goldsmith called in to Magic Mornings with Peter Williams on the topic of roads on Monday.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford was unavailable to talk on the subject of the condition of the roads in New Zealand. During a conversation with a listener the National Party MP called in to the show.

Paul Goldsmith pointed the finger squarely at the current policies of the Government in power, "because they removed any reference to reducing congestion or removing travel times".

During the interview Peter Williams brought up the National Party's position in the polls as an indication that they are not in a position to implement any changes they think might be important.

Peter said, "it would seem, Paul, that you make great points and speak so much logic but frankly until you guys improve your position in the polls and have a chance to get back into Government we'll be stuck".

Paul disagreed saying, "I wouldn't be quite so pessimistic", but Peter shot back with the cold truth of the matter in the polls.

you're 18 points behind, that's the issue

You can listen to the full interview above.