Ryan Bridge: Dissension in the ranks of National Party

Opinion 17/04/2019

It's a pivotal day in politics, there's an Easter Rising within the Nats. 

It's an open rebellion. 

Even Bridges' own camp is acknowledging that there is dissension in the ranks.

I have heard the numbers are being done for Judith Collins as leader, but who knows when they'll pounce. 

We have been here before - and after all that Bridges has had to wade through, he's long been a dead man walking. 

But here's the thing. For National's own sake, today should NOT be the day. Here's why - I'm being told a capital gains tax is likely to be revealed today. 

A caucus call is scheduled for midday. That's likely to be followed by a public announcement. 

The capital gains tax is this Government's Achilles' heel. So here's some free advice for National:

Let Labour shoot themselves in the foot. 

Don't distract from that. And Simon, here's what you need to do - because this is like a cancer, if you don't cut it out, it will grow and it will kill you - if there is dissention in the ranks, and you know about it, get rid of these guys.

Demote. Remove. Shuffle. That's what leadership is. Decisive and swift.

Ryan Bridge is co-hosting The AM Show.