Ryan Bridge: Government and Red Cross message misaligned

Opinion 16/04/2019

The International Red Cross was supposed to appear on The AM Show this morning, but pulled out overnight. 

It's a shame because we have questions for them - important ones - about Louisa Akavi.

The missing Kiwi nurse was held captive by Islamic State for the past five years. And after an incredible day of press conferences, revelations and denials yesterday, something is off. 

It seems there's been some major miscommunication - or someone's not telling the truth. Somebody's misleading us, or somebody's incompetent. 

Our Government says she should never have been named to help keep her alive. 

In fact, the line coming out of the Government is that they couldn't have been more explicit in their stance.

But the International Red Cross says the Government okayed the decision to name the missing Kiwi.

You would think, after five years of secrecy, when the two groups tasked with finding her spoke for the first time, they'd know what to say. 

If you can't co-ordinate a PR message, how are you meant to co-ordinate a rescue mission?

Ryan Bridge is co-hosting The AM Show.