Winston Peters: Capital Gains Tax announcement 'imminent'

News 16/04/2019

Deputy Prime Minister and NZ First Leader Winston Peters joins the conversation with Peter Williams to discuss hate speech laws and the impending Capital Gains Tax release.

Peters doubled down on the Government's stance that the Red Cross going public with Louisa Akavi's abduction was the wrong move and a screw up. 

Peters, also the Foreign Minister, said the stance of successive New Zealand governments has always been that the 2013 abduction of Akavi by the Islamic State (IS) should not be made public.

The Red Cross's action is not one we agreed with

"I don't want to be in a dispute with them, but frankly the truth needs to be put out there so that we can get on to the return of our original purpose which is to save this woman if she's alive," he told Peter Williams.

Winston Peters told Magic Mornings that the Government "talked to the Red Cross about the need for this to be done in a way that does not damage our chances of rescuing her or puts her in a more dangerous situation due to publicity".

He added: "As for going public, we made it very clear to the Red Cross we did not think this was helpful. When I say that, we're not going to change our target or objective... but it's unfortunate that we need to put the record straight - and I am."

He said it was an issue that the former government and current one have "never disagreed" on, in that the "critical element of not secrecy so much, but non publication, as being of enormous help to our opportunity and her opportunity to be retracted from the situation".

"We knew that this was coming for some time, and we have done our best in conversation with them and with members of the New Zealand media who acted in a highly commendable way in this matter," Peters told Magic Talk.

There is reason to believe Akavi is still alive, as she was last seen in Baghuz, the last IS stronghold in Syria. The nurse was spotted in January treating and caring for the injured which could have included members of IS.

The Government immediately established a watch group tasked with finding and saving Akavi after she was abducted in 2013 and sent a small special operations force to Iraq and Syria to gather information and try to save her. 

Moving on to the question of Capital Gains Tax Peter told Winston that there only six working days remaining in April and asked when will we see the tax plans released. Winston told him that they work right through Easter and to expect the plans soon.

The announcement is imminent

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