Winston Peters: National Party will have a new leader by summer

News 17/04/2019

Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of New Zealand First Winston Peters spoke with Magic Talk Drive following the announcement Wednesday afternoon that the Government would not prusure a capital gains tax.

During the interview when host Brendan Telfer asked Peters what he thinks of comments made by Opposition Leader Simon Bridges that he had embarrassed the Government into submitting to his clls to scrap the tax he predicted the end of Simon Bridges leadership of the National Party.

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Telfer, this man has been praying five times a day that we would go ahead with the capital gains tax, Peters said.

But now, his death knell has been announced at two o'clock today.

He continued to say, "in my view, he won't make it as leader by the time of their next conference in July."

Watch the full interview above.