Winston Peters on Magic Mornings

News 30/04/2019

Winston Peters joins Peter Williams in conversation following his recent return from Scandinavian countries on Government business.

First up Peter wanted to know what was on the agenda and why go there at all? Winston told Magic Mornings that "the Nordic economies are the top of every list and it is my belief that we have a lot to learn from them, particularly the way they manage sound environmental issues and extraction as well, the way they add value to fishing products so they get 99 percent of the value from their fish."

We should have engaged decades ago with them but it's never too late to start

Peter brought up the question of taxes as many of these Nordic countries have higher taxes than in New Zealand. Winston agreed they do have higher taxes "much higher, but despite those higher tax rates they are taking home in their pockets twice as much as the average New Zealander takes home.

The difference Wisnton said is "what really matters is what is left for discretionary spending."

It's not just their tax rate it's a highly successful economy and sound policy.

When questioned on the UN Migration pact Winston told Peter "that is to protect people in slavery and abuse around the world it is not the same as immigration we supported helping poeple but that does not impact upon having a soverirgn sound immigration policy that sees people employed before they move here.

They then moved on to the Upper North Island supply chain strategy. Where they discussed rail and port concerns.

You can listen to the full interview above.