'Life changing' surgery fundraiser for nursing student

News 09/05/2019

You can donate to Khellsey-Anna Atley's fundraiser here.

Joining Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive nursing student Khellsey-Anna Atley describes how after years of being bullied and suffering from low self-esteem she is determined to do address the root cause of these problems.

That means a bilateral breast reduction. 

Khellsey-Anna describes how the weight is affecting her daily life, resulting in chronic back pain.

The upper and lower back is curving.

"It causes so much pain that some days I can't do anything", she explains. Her family have set up a fundraising page to help cover the high costs the surgery requires.

On the page they say "our beautiful talented cheeky loving girl has a debilitating problem. Two problems to be exact."

You can watch the full interview with Ryan Bridge and Khellsey-Anna Atley above.