Duncan Garner: Ardern wins big internationally but home losses are mounting

Opinion 16/05/2019

Jacinda Ardern has had a big win on the world stage.

She and her mini-summit have convinced Facebook to tighten the rules around its live streaming.

It will be seriously monitored, hate won't see the light of the day - it will be banned.

Facebook has confirmed that, if these rules were in place two months ago, the Christchurch gunman would never have been able to broadcast the massacre.

So Facebook has got the message and, truth is, behind the scenes in the last few weeks Ardern has put a pile of work into this, getting Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to the table.

I've received piles of feedback saying good on her, but she should be at home sorting out New Zealand, before sorting out the world's social media.

Many of you make good points, mental health needs a new approach, the budget is 10 days away, Kiwibuild has flopped spectacularly, the Capital Gains Tax went nowhere, they can't get down Pike River mine, teachers and doctors are striking.

What Ardern is doing is important, but she must heed the warning of you - the voters.

Tick that one off and get home and get hands-on.

She needs wins at home as the losses mount, her domestic record isn't flash and, in the end, that's what counts.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.