Duncan Garner: Dump Kiwibuild and Phil Twyford

Opinion 28/05/2019

Phil Twyford has been found out hasn't he?

He must want to crawl under a rock and call it his Kiwibuild home. His promise was 100,000 affordable homes over 10 years, and we were sceptical.

We've been watching Phil, and all we've seen is a shambles.

We've seen 1000 homes in the first year become 300, and now 300 become, who knows?

Kiwibuild was more marketing than anything made of solid concrete; it was only ever just a slogan, but slogans do not turn into affordable houses. You can't sleep in a slogan, or stay warm in a catchphrase, or house your family in a branding exercise.

I am sorry to say this New Zealand, but we were taken for fools and we were misled.

It's a joke, flop, pathetic, disappointing, lost opportunity.

Nine years of neglect? That is Labour had nine years in opposition planning Kiwibuild, but not doing a day's work on it.

Has there been a bigger flop than Phil Twyford's Kiwibuild?

People voted Labour because of policies like this, and incredibly, Twyford's flop has come in Jacinda Ardern's infamous year of delivery. Delivery of what? Another broken promise and shattered dream for a Kiwi family?

Houses matter - warm, dry and affordable houses matter, but if you can't do it, just say so. It's time to be honest with the voters and say "it's too hard", and it's time for Kiwibuild to be moved into the 'too hard' basket, right next to basket case which is where Twyford and his slogan now rest.

I'd say dump the policy, but really, Kiwibuild has dumped itself.

Now it's time for the Prime Minister to dump Twyford. He's embarrassed himself and made a mockery of his Government's flagship policy.

What on earth did he do for years and years in opposition?

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.