Duncan Garner: Labour has lost control

Opinion 29/05/2019

Budget leaks are as serious as it gets.

You see, the Budget is the Government's biggest chance to show off; to shine, to shout about the wins, and reveal their shiny new plan for success in the future.

In other words, it's actually a marketing document.

But the numbers don't lie - it's a document that shows the true state of our country, and the Government guards this with all its army of public servants.

The Treasury says it has been hacked.

An increasing trend and this has all the hallmarks of a hacker who is selectively releasing parts of it.

Treasury had to call in the police and they will be mortified and embarrassed.

Grant Robertson will want the hacker found and dealt to.

But that's for another day. Right now, we're all wondering - especially Grant Robertson - what more could the hacker have, and what more has National got?

The entire budget could be hacked.

But no one will know - and that's the point here.

Labour has lost control of the week and very day it's meant to be in total control of. From having all the advantage, it's now backpedalling and crapping itself because National could have more serious information.

Could it be they have numbers that will move markets?

This budget leak is serious, and Simon Bridges has gone for the destroy, destruct and disrupt button with maximum impact.

It's reckless; he's desperate, but I'm not surprised.

The other option could have been to work with Labour, but given recent weeks; no chance. They're in opposition for a reason - to make life difficult for the Government, and they're more than doing that.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.