Duncan Garner: Millennials are 'downright dangerous'

Opinion 14/05/2019

We already think they're a selfish and somewhat precious bunch.

Now, they might just be downright dangerous.

A new survey out of Harvard University says US millennials - and especially those who are parents - are the worst at texting and driving.

They are reckless, and dicing with death - their death, and maybe yours, too, or someone you know.

So these people are aged between 22- and 37-years-old, and have grown up through their teenage years with the phone strapped to their hand or ear.

This is how they live and do business.

That seems okay, if a little lame, but here's what's frightening. This is also how they drive, and these American drivers are unlikely to be different to us.

This is about the age group - these millennials - they are driving along, head down, playing games, on Instagram and Facebook, navigating a map and texting as though they were sitting at the kitchen table or at a desk or lying on the couch.

It is so dangerous. They're in charge of a hunk of steel hurtling along at high speeds.

Life only has so much luck and this will end badly.

It's become clear that, as humans, we simply can't do the right thing. We're too tempted with instant replies and the fear of missing out.

We desperately need technology that blocks our phones when our cars turn on.

Surely it can be done - it just needs leadership.

The phone companies should put their hands up - that would be the right and responsible thing to do. We'd get used to it.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.