Duncan Garner: Subsidise electric cars in Zero Carbon Bill

Opinion 09/05/2019

I'm disappointed transport hasn't been targeted in the new Zero Carbon Bill. Where's the money to incentivise New Zealanders into electric cars?

Ministers have misled us since 2004 on electric cars claiming they're all good to go in New Zealand. Sure they are.

Yes, they are here more now than ever but these are still a luxury item with a purchase price $20,000-plus.

Kiwi families simply don't have that discretionary dough to spend.

New Zealanders, I think, like the idea of it - but want some help.

Many, many other countries give residents a hand up.

In China, residents get $12k, and end up paying $5k for a little car.

We have to signal something soon - now is the time.

If not now, then when?

Come on Minister can't you use the power of Government to strike some deals and get us switching? This is urgent, isn't it?

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.