Duncan Garner: Why couldn't $25m be spent on Kiwi women battling breast cancer?

Opinion 31/05/2019

If Grant Robertson feels like it's hard to keep his head above water these days, it shouldn't come as any surprise.

The lucky Finance Minister is drowning in cash.

It's embarrassing how much money he has.

So much he's decided to spend an extra $25 billion over the next four years, and still post healthy surpluses.

He has so much money he needs ideas on how to spend it.

So please send any ideas to Grant Robertson care of the Beehive, Molesworth St, Wellington. Don't send it to Treasury - they'll probably upload it to the website.

But Grant needs ideas, because clearly you aren't going to get the money returned in tax cuts - not from this lot; it's like a swear word.

This is a Budget for the vulnerable, the needy, those on the outer or those who have missed out, and it's well overdue.

These agencies and groups are crying out - no wonder the teachers are furious and think there's room to move; there is, but sorry, they've said "no".

Plan your next strike.

But here's my chief frustration - there's so much money they're spending $25 million on keeping boat people out of New Zealand, despite the fact they have never arrived here. Why can't he [Robertson] spend that $25m on the women battling late-stage breast cancer so they can see Christmas?

Boat people or our people? Hands down it's our people every day, and to give these dying women little hope, I think is downright insensitive, mean and hopelessly out of touch.

Your wellbeing means nothing to them.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.