Ryan Bridge: Justice system design needs to handle evil people

Ryan Bridge 27/05/2019

The problem I've got is that there are different types of offenders.

There are offenders who are going to respond well to the kind caring approach that the likes of this review that Andrew Little has called.

There are some who respond well to that but there are also some who would never respond well to that.

Those who will take the piss out of it.

Those that will take the piss out of you and me and will continue to offend.

They will abscond on bail. They will commit more crimes on bail.

I think you've got to build a justice system that is based on dealing with the worst of the worst. For preparing for the worst case scenario.

Because the risks are so high.

The number of times on this program I've had to speak to Mother's and Father's, to sisters and friends who've had their loved one's slaughtered.

Raped and slaughtered in this country while somebody was on bail.

It does my head in.

I don't want to do another one of those interviews.

The worst part about doing those interviews is that you know it could have been prevented.

The family was staring at the state and telling them this is going to happen again.

They say, ‘we know this man, this man is a con artist, this man is scum, this man is a repeat offender.’

What are we going to do? We’re gonna unlock the door and we'll let them out.

Well, I'm sick of doing those interviews.

The families of lost loved ones are sick and tired of the type of rhetoric that you were talking about.

‘Let's go easy on them, let's take the foot off the accelerator here, let's make life better for them.'

Let's love them and hug them and then they won't kill someone.

Well, not all people respond like that. I just think, when you’re designing a justice system, you've got to do it on the basis that people will be evil.

You know what I mean? Because they are and they will be.

I think you've got to design it based on the worst of the worst.

Ryan Bridge is host of Magic Talk Drive.