Should cannabis be legalised?

News 06/05/2019

Ross Bell, Executive Director of the New Zealand Drug Foundation joins Sean Plunket to discuss the potential legalisation of cannabis in New Zealand. He begins by askig about the history and mission of the Drug Foundation.

Ross then goes on to explain some of the dangers associated with the illegal drug market currently in New Zealand and statistics regarding the high use of drugs in New Zealand.

You can listen to part one above.

In the second part of the interview Sean and Ross discuss specifically what might the question for the referendum on cannabis look like and how should the Government move forward?

Listen to part two above.

In the final part of the interview Ross tells Sean about how some other countries similarly legalised cannabis and what lessons there are to learn from those attempts.

They also discuss what might be the Government's motivations in enacting cannabis legalisation as well as what steps they might use to introduce the legislation. Ross supports a slower rollout with gradual increasing access.

Listen to the final part above.