Student climate activists plan future action

News 03/05/2019

Students across the country are planning another strike in the name of climate change awareness. Raveen Maeder spoke with Magic Talk Drive on Friday to explain the reasons for and schedule of action to be taken by students to protest climate change.

Raveen told host Ryan Bridge that action was planned for May 24th, when participating students will leave school grounds to take part in different activities to support the environment.

That action will take the form of protests, rallies or tree plantings, she explained, depending on the decisions of local students.

One question Ryan wanted to know was how Raveen and her peers might rate the performance of the current Government. She said they were encouraged by some actions from the Government but it wasn't enough.

We are very firm in the stance that we believe that no politcal party is doing enough on climate change.

You can watch the full interview above.