Duncan Garner: Auckland Council's 'climate emergency' declaration is just nonsense

Opinion 12/06/2019

You know the facepalm moment - when you just want to say to someone or some organisation, "give yourself an uppercut"? Well, today I say, knock yourself out Auckland Council - I think you're the laughing stock of the country.

Let me cut to the chase. Our biggest city has now joined others in declaring an emergency, because of climate change.

Emergency. Think about it. Think Christchurch, think Kaikoura - councils declare states of emergencies and invoke special powers to call in the army, close roads, force you out of your homes, close beaches, put in place curfews, do what it takes to keep us safe.

So what's the plan under this 'emergency'?

There is no plan, apart from the $40 million long term fund to come up with a plan.

And it's not just Auckland, Christchurch has declared an emergency, too. Nelson as well - has someone told the Government? The United Nations?

Surely, if there's an emergency in these places, there's an emergency for our entire planet.

But have no fear.

Phil Goff and his army are coming to fight this.

They have debated it, voted without any dissent - they are listening and coming up with a detailed plan.

But Goff says this is a framework - a real framework now they're working on the costings.

Have you ever heard such climate change nonsense in your life? When I heard emergency in Auckland I thought, traffic, housing, teacher shortage, homelessness, sleeping in cars - not this waffle.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.