Duncan Garner: Christopher Luxon brings new hope to the National Party

Opinion 20/06/2019

It was a bolt from the blue, or a lightning rod for the blue party.

The National Party may just have cause to have some hope again with departing Air NZ boss Christopher Luxon, who, I am told has had an informal offer to stand for the party next election.

It's a detailed offer.

Luxon would stand in Botany - where there's a vacancy.

No one would have to be ousted in a seat, that's already happened with Jami-Lee Ross, who's still making the odd high pitched noise from the independent backblocks of beyond.

Crucially, though, Luxon would not be going to Parliament to eat his lunch, nor for the salary - which, at $160K, is millions below what's he used to.

No, he's been approached because these party people don't believe Simon Bridges and Judith Collins can do it.

Simon - not believable. Judith, well, she's just Judith.

Go the John Key way - who, by the way, is also on the Air NZ board and advising Luxon, not just on the ins and outs of politics but the crash course required to go from the private sector to the awful shark-infested waters of Parliament where rogue reporters try to bury you alive for a $14.90 Uber fare that was unapproved, and Trevor Mallard is holding the shovel.

So, in this scenario, Luxon wins Botany, takes the John Key crash course known as listen, breathe, head down, bum up - then strikes and takes the leadership sometime next term.

Crucially, Luxon loves serving his country.

He's a leader and the job of National leader and Prime Minister is his if he wants it.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.