Duncan Garner: Congestion is getting worse as Aucklanders continue to pay more tax

Opinion 01/07/2019

OPINION: Is it just me, or has the traffic in Auckland deteriorated in the past six months?

Like me, do you utterly resent paying more and more each year in petrol tax on the basis that the Government and Auckland Council are promising to ease congestion in the years ahead? I no longer believe them, it's utter horse dung, there's more chance of the Blues winning the Super Rugby competition next year.

Today, petrol goes up by four cents a litre across the country - again - this is on top of the 10 cents a litre Auckland regional fuel tax, but these useless plonkers can't sort out a simple corner on the Southern Motorway that's choking the south.

These wallies have cancelled a new superhighway north of Warkworth. Not only will that see us continue to crawl out of the city, but people will die on unsafe roads. 

Labour could have built this road but they let ideology and the Greens into decision-making and wham, gone. Instead, let's put some rumble strips on a bad road. Pathetic. 

All I see is cancelled roading projects and band-aid solutions. 

Yes, there are more buses and trains but that doesn't work everywhere. 

Waterview Tunnel is brilliant because it was long-term planning and billions of dollars, but what are we getting for all these tax hikes? I know Michael Barnett, chief executive of the Auckland Business Chamber, will agree with me - but we are getting mugged by this lot as the congestion gets worse around us. 

The longer this lot stays in Government the more of these petrol tax hikes we'll get, and for what?

Auckland has been poorly served for decades by egomaniacs and half-wits feathering their own nests. 

Although we've been so apathetic we almost deserve it - would an angry Auckland please stand up? Where's the light rail? Light years away. 


Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.