Duncan Garner: Government is prioritising mental health over women dying of breast cancer

The AM Show 07/06/2019

I am still struggling to see why the Government has so far refused to give women dying of breast cancer in this country some help with buying the drugs that aren't funded here.

They want a pool of public money they can access so they can grab these drugs before it's too late.

The drugs are tested, tried and used in other countries, just not here.

Well, the Government says something is being worked on, and I know this Government hates the thought of giving more money to drug companies, but it's the only hope for these stage-four survivors and the clock is ticking.

I was incredulous yesterday when I saw Grant Robertson had set up a $1 million fund for Rainbow Youth, or young, gay New Zealanders struggling with mental health issues.

It's not that I don't agree there's a need - there is - hence the $1.9 billion into mental health last week.

It's just that these women need hope, they need a signal now that something is coming and being in Government is about what you prioritise and what you don't, and these women feel shafted, if not screwed, by their own country and this Government in their hour of need.

Please Grant, yes to Rainbow Youth, but yes to middle-aged mums who need help, too.

Please, Grant, I know some of these people and they're so despondent but trying to be brave.

I'm speaking on their behalf - please.

I note you got a $2.3 billion tax windfall yesterday - they'd be happy with just a small slice of that, they'd be very grateful. Please surprise them.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.