Duncan Garner: Government's smoking in cars with kids ban an utter disappointment

Opinion 25/06/2019

OPINION: The ban on people smoking in cars with kids is an utter disappointment from a Government that increasingly looks like it has abandoned the goal of becoming smokefree by 2025. 

The so-called ban by the Government is so wishy-washy, I now wonder what the point was.

In many ways, it's actually more of a law that tells you when you CAN smoke in cars with kids.

Here it is: if you decide to live in the car, if it becomes your residence, smoking in the car next to your kids will be acceptable if the car is stopped - I kid you not, this will be official in law.

On top of all of that, there's an 18-month transition for the police to get used to the law - so don't expect a ticket any time soon.

One more thing, there is an exemption if a child, teenager, or person under 18 is smoking the cigarette. 

You see, it's illegal to buy them if you're under 18 but the law says nothing about smoking them. 

Isn't it a joke? No wonder Minister Jenny Salesa was all at sea trying to defend it. I say to the Government - go back to the drawing board and draft better law.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.