Duncan Garner: Is National on the brink of a leadership coup?

The AM Show 10/06/2019

Leader of the Opposition is widely regarded as the worst job - not just in politics, but anywhere really.

An awful, lonely, dreadful job where the worst day in Government is still better than the best day in opposition.

And right now, Simon Bridges is having a torrid time.

Here's why - there was one number he was desperate to avoid in Newshub's latest political poll. With National's support dipping into the 30s, it could be the trigger point for a leadership coup.

Now MPs who have enjoyed 10 years of John Key will be seeing National in the 30s for the first time ever.

It's likely to spook them. When Bridges took this job, a number of National MPs openly let it be known that if Bridges takes the party down into the "awful 30s" he'll be dumped.

But, who takes his place?

It's a problem. Judith may be revving the engines, but she needs a few more people to jump on board her V8

This may just be the gentle push they need.

But it's also possible she's stalled and can't quite get the support.

She's not universally popular, her style divides the caucus and her enemies within the party don't trust her.

An "ABC Club" has been formed - Anyone But Collins - and now a "PBC club" has formed, too - the Paula Bennet Club.

She had said she wasn't keen, but in times of crises you get shoulder tapped, and the ego will often get the better of you.

Bennett and Collins share no particular admiration for each other so Bennett may well want to block Collins' rise and what better way to do that than by putting your hand up, running interference and saying "pick me".

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.