Hannah Tamaki explains her opposition to euthanasia

Ryan Bridge 26/06/2019

David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill will have its second reading in Parliament on Wednesday evening, and if it passes, it will legalise euthanasia for patients suffering at the end of their lives.

Hannah Tamaki joins Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive to discuss her opposition to the bill. She tells the story about her experience with families dealing with cancer and how it was a comfort to her to spend that extra time with them.

I think that to the last breath that we should get to spend the extra time with them.

Ryan sympathised with her story and explained how it was good that they had that time and that they could still laugh and were not in such pain to make that impossible. In that specific case as told by Hannah Tamaki it appears that they wanted to hang on with family as long as possible but what about those situation when the patient wishes to choose not to do that?

Tamaki explained that there are drugs that can regulate that pain and help make them comfortable. Ryan responds that it's not better to be so reliant on drugs and that in excess they erase the person you used to be.

Ryan makes the point that those drugs do little more than to turn patients into drug addicts. Tamaki responds that 'there a lot of drug addicts that don't have anything wrong with them.'

I think there are a lot of New Zelanders who don't want doctors to become executioners.

When Hannah mentioned how her father passed Ryan wanted to know what might her reaction have been if he had decided that he wanted the pain to end on his own terms. She replied that she doesn't believe that's what people in that position really want.

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