Mud pool in Rotorua

Ryan Bridge 26/06/2019

Facebook user Tiahomarama Fairhall livestreamed a video of the mud pool billowing with steam on Tuesday afternoon. She joins Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive to talk about what happened and what can she expect to be done about it? Tiahomarama said 'it's something that we're used to here in Rotorua.' 

It's not really a new thing.

Ryan asked if she believes it to be dangerous, to which she agreed, 'it's very dangerous... unfortunately for the house it happened to appear right under their kitchen.'

As Tiahomarama explained some of the people who will be involved in the clean up and assessment Ryan asked if she had ever had any fears or concern that something similar could happen in her own backyard while her children were playing there? 

I guess you don't think about it because we're so used to having it around us.

She goes on to describe how some of the explosions affect the environment around it and even explains how the smells can often be worsened but in this case, thankfully, it's fine.

You can watch the full interview above.