Survey asks 'why do you use cannabis?'

Ryan Bridge 28/06/2019

Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand is conducting an inaugural patient research survey to study trends within the patient community. The survey seeks to understand patients use of cannabis in New Zealand.

Shane Le Brun, Medical Cannabis Awareness Coordinator with MCANZ joins Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive to discuss what results have come in so far. The survey will be conducted for another month and at the time of the interview there are over 2,000 respondents. 

Shane began by saying that the survey has already begun to bring in some interesting results and "lots of good data," including a profile of the average user in New Zealand.

The average New Zealand user is a mid-30s woman suffering from anxiety.

The survey also reviews incomes of medical cannabis users and found that it reaches across all income brackets across the country.

Shane explained that the survey breaks down the term chronic pain into specific categories which is why it does not feature as the most polled reason for medicinal cannabis and explains why anxiety polls so high.

Depression and anxiety are both secondary conditions to chronic pain.

One note of concern from Shane came from the number of people who admitted they smoke cannabis both recreationally and medicinally as well as those who mix cannabis with tobacco.

If you are a medical cannabis user you can answer the survey here.

Watch the full interview above.