What makes a good Samaritan?

Ryan Bridge 27/06/2019

Maioro Barton was driving home from a friend's house in Hamilton late on Tuesday night. At around 11:30pm he saw an older woman sitting on a bench in the nearby town of Cambridge.

"I thought that's a little unusual 'cause it's freezing that night," he told Magic Talk Drive on Thursday. "But I couldn't stop thinking about them... and turned around and came back and they had started walking the direction I was going."

He described to Ryan how cold the woman was that 'her nose was dripping' with the cold and how he turned the heat on while trying to find out how to help the woman find her home as she had gotten lost.

I asked her what music she liked and she told me she liked The Beatles.

While in the car and trying to find her home Maioro learned that the woman has dementia and alzheimer's so he made the decision to park in a well lit fuel station and call the police for some assistance in finding her family.

He explained, "she didn't know her address or her daughters number so I just rang 111 number and spoke to the operator and they were really good."

Ryan wanted to know "what made you stop?" When in other situations most people might have just continued on. Ryan mentioned there are 70,000 people in New Zealand with dementia or alzheimer's and what might Maiora's a dcive be if someone else found themselves in his situation?

 See if they're ok and if they're not do what you can to help them.

Ryan ends the interview by thanking Maioro for his kindness and consideration.

Listen to the full interview above.