"An economic shock is coming soon" - Simon Bridges

Peter Williams 22/07/2019

Opposition Leader Simon Bridges joins Peter Williams on Magic Mornings. 

Peter began the conversation by asking if Simon was embarrassed by the comments made by the Prime Minister on Australia’s policy of deporting criminals back to New Zealand.

Bridges clarifies that “I’m not embarrassed so much, but I just don’t think it will get her anywhere.”

It’s a completely unproductive conversation.

The conversation then moves to business confidence inNew Zealand, which Simon believes is lacking, prompting Peter to ask why the Prime Minister finds it necessary to state that New Zealand is “open for Business”.

The National Party Leader claims, “because she knows the view that is there [in Australia]”, and continues to say that the media in Australia views New Zealand as anti-business.

Referencing Jacinda Ardern in Australia and Winston Peters in the US, Bridges also mentions how he believes “we are seeing an incoherence and incompetence in the Government's foreign policy.” He goes on to say that they need to clarify their positions with regard to the US and China as it is likely to cause an economic shock.

There is an economic shock coming soon

The conversation then moves on to whether there is a possibility for a Free Trade Agreement with the United States, and the implementation of the Emissions Trading scheme for farmers.

Listen to the full conversation above.