13 year old witness recounts the massive Christchurch explosion

News 19/07/2019

A massive gas explosion destroyed a house in Christchurch Friday, injuring six people in the process. 

13 year old Dearna McCaskey is neighbour to the home in question and joins Magic Talk Drive guest host Brendan Telfer to talk about what happened.

Brendan begins by asking Dearna if she heard the explosion, she explains, “yes, I heard it. Then I felt it.”

It shook the entire house like an earthquake.

"At first I thought  it was an airplane crash until I saw insulation and smoke rising up."

When Brendan asks how near to the explosion Dearna lives she told him, “I live about one or two blocks away. But it sounded like it was right next door.”

Telfer wants to know what happened next as Dearna says “I looked out my window when I heard it.”

I just ran straight there really.

She continues, “it looked as though it was just scaffolding, at first I thought it was a work site.”

Until I saw a whole pile of brick laying everywhere.

I came just as they were taking the last few people out of the wreckage”, she says explaining then that once the emergency services arrived she made sure not to interfere with their operations.

Watch the full interview above.