Changes in National Care Standards for children in care 'revolutionary' - Children's commissioner

News 01/07/2019

Children's Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft joins Magic Talk Drive to explain the changes that come into effect Monday July 1st regarding National Care Standards for children in care. 

He describes the changes as "a fundamental change in the model and in the way we deliver care and protection in youth justice."

This is nothing short of a revolution.

Asked for examples as to how this change will be of benefit he explained how it prioritises early support.

"When a family first comes on the radar where there is a risk of removal or serious concern for that child, the state is obligated to get in an provide early support and assistance", he said.

He also explains a method for transitioning young people out of the justice system so as to set them up in the best possible way to prevent them returning to the justice system.

When asked how hopeful he was that the changes in the legislation which guarantee these rights will be implemented effectively he describes himself as being "cautiously optimistic, but optimistic nonetheless."

I'm not in this job to see failure, I want to see success.

"I will do all I can to encourage and drive those agencies in the right direction."

Becroft also lauds the cross Government non political approach in implementing this legislation as it originated in the previous Government and was carried forward by the current Government.

You can watch the full interview above.