Current Government have "started nothing and are slowing us down" - Simon Bridges

Peter Williams 15/07/2019

National Party Leader Simon Bridges joins Peter Williams on Magic Mornings to start the week with a look forward in politics.

The first question Peter asks is for Simon’s reaction to the news that Minister for Transport Phil Twyford categorically ruled out construction of 12 roads initiated by National when they were in Government.

The National party Leader describes the news as “depressing” saying, “this Government has come in they've cancelled all the roads, they've started nothing and they are slowing us down.”

We've got to get New Zealand moving.

Peter then asks Bridges what he thinks of the electric vehicle discount scheme and whether or not he supports it.

“It strikes me as a nanny state, it's piling on taxes and costs on New Zealanders who can't afford it.”

It’s not revenue neutral.

"Most New Zealanders won't be able to switch, we’re a country who need bigger vehicles most of the time."

Moving on the Magic Mornings host was keen to understand would National consider a tactic of suggesting to National voters to vote for ACT in areas that National were safe in order to have better odds at forming a Government?

Bridges didn’t believe that was necessary, saying “I don't think those kind of cynical games are the way to go,” confirming also that National will be clear about who would be viable partners in the coming election.

I’ll be really clear with voters about who I would work with.

The conversation then moved to Simon’s visit to the UK, electoral strategies and climate change.

You can listen to the full interview above.