Current Government is "all rhetoric, style over substance" - Paula Bennett

Peter Williams 08/07/2019

Deputy Leader of the National Party Paula Bennett joins Peter Williams on Magic Mornings.

Peter’s first question to Paula is whether or not she believes the Government should declare a national Climate Emergency?

Well I think no, I think it’s ridiculous.

She explains, “we use national emergencies for very serious events like the Christchurch earthquakes.”

The deputy leader of the opposition slammed the Government saying, “it seems like another case of this Government making a big statement with nothing behind it.”

She criticises the notion of declaring the Climate Emergency as “rhetoric, it’s style over substance.”

Personally I think it's ridiculous.

Commenting on the Zero Carbon bill Bennett told Williams “there are some parts that we like about the bill.”

There is no doubt climate change is real.

“We want to make sure that we play a part in improving conditions that are good for our exports, good for the country.”

Peter then asks about the Government announcement of a major overhaul of disabilities funding which will see parents and spouses paid up to $25.50 an hour to look after family members.

He asks why didn’t National do something similar?

Paula defends National stating, “we made one of the most progressive changes in the world when we funded family care.”

Now years later is it time to look at it again? Maybe yes.

She then goes on to explain that the Government plans are light on detail and don’t provide enough money. 

Referencing National’s past and the current Government's plans for social welfare Peter asks if any problem is really going to be solved just by throwing money at it?

“The difference between them and us is that we targeted our support and we had expectations of those who were receiving it,” she said.

Listen to the full interview above.