Former Silver Fern Bernice Mene on 'amazing' turnaround for the team

The AM Show 22/07/2019

Former Silver Fern Bernice Mene says the team's turnaround over the past year has been "amazing," and it's all thanks to their new coach.

The Silver Ferns have won the Netball World Cup after a tense game against Australia on Monday.

The final score of 52-51, was played out in the final seconds, a far cry from the crushing defeat suffered by the Ferns at last year's Commonwealth Games.

 "Twelve months ago we were pretty rock bottom in terms of the outcome of the Commonwealth games," Mene told The AM Show on Monday.

The whole of netball was like 'how do we turn this around?'

Mene says it's all thanks to coach Noeline Taurua.

"Noelene brought in some really good structure and put some great plans in place, but also that belief and culture which she built within the team."

After their win against Australia, Mene thinks the Silver Ferns will keep tracking upwards.

I think we can expect this level. Our confidence is back.

"She's lifted the level and set the expectation.

"She has been huge in this turnaround."

The AM Show / Newshub reporter Vita Molyneux