Government announces over 2,000 kilometers of road improvements

Ryan Bridge 25/07/2019

The Government has announced intentions to install barriers on local roads in an effort to reduce road deaths.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford had agreed to speak with Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive, although in the last moments Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter called instead. 

Ryan begins by addressing the absent elephant on the call by asking Julie Anne Genter about Phil Twyford’s current position in Cabinet following the removal of housing from his portfolio.

The two failed to agree on whether Twyford had been demoted or promoted as Julie Anne Genter suggested.

They move on to the announcement of 2,340 Kilometers of roads in New Zealand to be included in the safe network road. Ryan asking what form these improvements will take.

Genter explains that they include 200 kilometers of median barriers, 322 kilometers of new side barrier installations and “thousands of kilometers of wider centre lines, rumble strips, and other relatively low cost safety improvements.”

Which have a huge impact on reducing road deaths and serious injuries.

Ryan is skeptical of the benefits and presses Genter to explain how effective these improvements will ultimately be. She tells Ryan, “you would be amazed by what rumble strips can do.”

Almost a 50 percent reduction in fatal run off road crashes, just from rumble strips.

Genter goes on to say that analysis shows that 160 deaths and serious injuries will be prevented by these improvements. 

Genter then criticizes the previous National Government's intention to build 11 highways, saying that these improvements will be more effective.

You can watch the full interview above.