Ihumātao protest continues

Ryan Bridge 24/07/2019

Green Party Co-Leader Marama Davidson joins Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive to discuss the Ihumātao protests. 

Ryan asks Marama if she supports the protestors, given her attendance. She tells Ryan that the protests are “an indication of how strong they feel.”

Civil disobedience has long been a valid tool for protestors

When pressed further, she says, “I don't condone unlawful actions but I understand the urgency of the message they are trying to convey.” Ryan then wants to know if the claim made by the protesters is valid?

She answers, “absolutely these are people from there.” She goes on to explain that despite some commentary this protest is not an example of Māori against Māori.

Saying that this is Māori against Māori is simply not true.

Asked if she thought this might turn violent Davidson describes a peaceful atmosphere as protestors are sharing food and waita with police but they are adamant they will not be moving.

Ryan then asks Marama what she thinks about Jacinda Ardern’s comments that she will not be getting involved. Marama says she believes it is inevitable that the Government will have to get involved.

I think we will be forced to be involved.

You can watch the full interview above.