Let's address Climate Change by being innovative to the core" - National Climate Change Spokesperson

Sean Plunket 23/07/2019

National Spokesperson for Climate Change Todd Muller joins Sean Plunket on Magic Afternoons to discuss the dangers of man made climate change.

Sean begins the interview by asking what does Todd think of the rumours that Government might be considering declaring a climate emergency much like many of the local councils.

Todd explains that he doesn't think there is any substance to the calls but that he does support the scientific consensus that man made climate change is happening and needs to be addressed. 

Sean then asks for his opinion on news outlet Stuff’s refusal to post climate change denying coverage and what is National’s position on Climate Change.

Todd tells Sean, “as National Party’s Climate Change Spokesperson I do accept the scientific consensus and I am informed by the IPCC that we have to reduce our fossil fuel use over the next 20 years.”

However, Muller tells Sean that what is needed is “to give farmers the tools to measure their emissions so that they can reduce them.” His advice for Sean is to invest in better technologies.

Let’s address this issue by being innovative to the core.

He also says that any response should be proportional to the population.

Listen to the full interview above.