Pita Turei cuts through the complexities to explain the facts at Ihumātao

Sean Plunket 26/07/2019

Iwi advocate Pita Turei joins Sean Plunket on Magic Afternoons to help explain the situation at Ihumātao.

He begins by thanking Sean, "for giving us an opportunity for our voice to get out there in the media."

Our voice is overwhelmed by a social media campaign.

He assures Sean that the land being used for urban development is not ancient burial grounds as protesters SOUL suggest but was in fact wheat fields. Pita debunks "the big myth here is that the stonefields are under threat, they are not."

The place for the houses is where we grew wheat.

He explains that Fletchers will not be building on any sacred lands and will bring an opportunity for Māori to live on the land once more.

Sean notes that on average waitangi settlements result in two to three percent returns for Maori while Fletchers have gone above that and returned 25 percent of the land, which Pita resoundingly agrees.

You can watch the full interview above.